Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trump cancels Iran deal

Donald Trump, the President of the US, declared to withdraw from Iranian nuclear deal.

CNN: Trump withdraws from Iran nuclear deal, isolating him further from world

The Iranian deal was established in 2016. After this historic agreement, Iran froze the plan of developing nuclear weapons for the return of the end of sanctions by the US and European nations. This deal was counted as an achievement of Obama.

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However, Trump deemed this deal as stupid, and the US is soon going to regain financial sanction. It will bring Iran recession.

The EU nations are criticizing the US' decision. On the other hand, Israel, an ally of the US, is welcoming the resume of sanction by the US against Iran.

Iran shows no intention to restart the nuclear experiments responding to the US' withdrawal from the deal. But it says that domestic economy should be prioritized. Thus, if the sanction does serious damage to Iran, it will choose a riskier way.

I hardly understand the idea of Trump. He must be concerned about the next midterm election. Therefore, he has an incentive to cheer domestic voters' mind up. Since North Korea is no more an enemy for the US, Iran may be a good target to attract citizens' hatred, perhaps. But, there may be more profound thought, I expect.

Anyway, the status of the Middle West has become unease. I am afraid Trump's decision will pull the trigger to serious conflicts.

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