Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vaginal plastic surgery in adolescents

In the UK, it is said that increasing girls want to take a plastic surgery on their external sex organ.

International Business Times: Porn and social media blamed as pre-teen girls seek 'vagina surgery' in UK

This article above suggests that this tendency is attributable to spreading information through porn and social media on the internet.

I am not sure if it is real or exaggerated. The internet is often blamed for amending traditional ideologies. I do not agree with this kind of opinion. There is no bad information, but bad people to utilize it.

However, there are specific points of discussion regarding sexual issues. We seldom have an opportunity to know others' private zone before the internet era. It had prevented us from feeling inferior to others ones. But recently, there are lots of people exposing their body. Patients with eating disorder increase where there are many slim models. In some countries, too slim models are banned following new legislation.

The adolescent is an unstable period of the life. We compare with each other. As well as desiring to be unique, we fear to be different from others.

Some physicians offering a plastic surgery maltreat clients with imprinting their figure is inferior to others. I believe such kind of tempting advertisement to adolescents should be legally prohibited to some extent.

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