Monday, July 3, 2017

Koike's Tokyo First won the election

Yesterday, an election for Tokyo's metropolitan assembly was conducted. It was focused whether Governor Yuriko Koike's party would defeat the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Asahi Shimbun: Tokyo election, populist Yuriko Koike could shift Japan politics

And the result was dramatic. Koike's party grabbed far more than the majority, while LDP lost several seats.

Reuters: Japan PM's party on track for huge defeat in Tokyo election

Yuriko Koike was formerly a TV newscaster. When she became a politician, she belonged to LDP. But she did not get along with some politicians in LDP recently. Finally, she left LDP, to construct her own party; Tomin (Tokyoites) First.

Its name reminds us Donald Trump's policy: the US first. Therefore, Koike is often identified as a populist. However, in my opinion, she is simply an opposer of traditional authority. In Tokyo, LDP has been dominant, and some politicians' power was influential so much not only to the governance of Tokyo but also that of Japan. Koike rejected their policy. Reducing the cost for Tokyo Olympic in 2020 and opposing to the movement of Tsukiji fish market are representative.

Thus, I am not sure Koike has a particular vision for the future of Tokyo. Indeed, breaking outdated customs is important. But it will be no more creative. What Koike will plan should be paid attention.

On the other hand, this victory of Koike's party is partially due to scandals in LDP. The leadership of Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, has been damaged to some extent. His grand ambition to amend the constitution which has been unchanged since its enforcement became harder.

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