Friday, July 14, 2017

Mac battery charge troubled

Yesterday, my Mac encountered a serious trouble. It could not be charged.

The Macbook uses a cable with USB Type-C connector. And I use a cable with the newest standard. It was unlikely that this cable was in failure.

But, it was far more unlikely that the Mac itself was troubled. Therefore, I bought a new cable for testing. To be honest, I was in abroad. Thus, I had no surplus cables.

However, this attempt failed. My Macbook's battery ran out.

I felt desperate. If this Mac cannot be charged, I will not be able to do most of my works until repaired. Since I was in abroad, it was difficult to consult a genius at a Mac Store.

On the other hand, there are some causes of troubled charge. I decided to try any potential solutions.

1. A reboot can be a solution.

I had already tried it. The next day, the situation was not changed.

2. Mac battery can be crippled in cold environment.

I stayed at a hotel. It was slightly cold. But it seemed not be a cause of the trouble.

3. SMC reset

Mac with Intel CPU adopts a system controller. It can interfere the charge. You can reset the setting by pushing Control+Shift+Option keys with pushing the power button for several seconds.

As a result, this operation worked completely. After this, my Mac began to charge the battery.

I felt really relieved. Now I can write this entry with my Macbook.

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