Saturday, July 1, 2017

Driverless ambulance?

In some developed countries, driverless cars are under investigation on the road now. Google, Tesla, and some other companies are eager to develop safer and cheaper vehicles competitively.

Despite some accidents, the technique of managing driverless cars seems to be rapidly progressing.

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And one of the targets to be automated is ambulance car.

The Conversation: In the future your ambulance could be driverless

In my opinion, ambulance car has some advantages for being automated. First, traditional ambulance cars are driven by medical practitioners. But giving the first-aid to patients is a different skill from driving a car. Especially in an emergency, the risk of a traffic accident is increased. Automated cars can reduce the risk due to human error.

Second, once ambulance started to sound a siren, other vehicles are obliged to make way for it. Thus, automated driving is easier in this situation than in the usual traffic.

As well, portering vehicles for elder or disabled people will be good to be automated. Their mission is to bring passengers to the goal without troubles. And the route is usually fixed.

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