Sunday, July 16, 2017

Journey to Prague (2)

Czech Republic, or Czechia, is an EU member, but its official currency is not Euro. Although it is said many shops accept Euro, I seldom saw Euro price.

Price of goods at Prague is generally low. Big Mac is sold for 79 Koruna česká, almost the same as that in Japan.

This is the cake I ate at Cafe No.3. It cost only 130 Koruna česká including tip.

Interestingly, the price of coke in a PET bottle is quite various according to the place. I found it sold only for 20 Koruna česká at a vending machine. In contrast, it is sold for 55 Koruna česká at a Costa Coffee shop. A can of Pringles costs surprisingly 150 Koruna česká, tripled by its price in Japan.

The usage of credit card is well spread at Prague, in general. However, I had some troubles about it. Soon after arrival to the airport, I tried to buy the ticket of public transportation. But the ticket vending machine accepted only small coins. Credit cards were available, according to the guidance. But it did not work, perhaps my credit card did not equip a specific chip. Therefore, I had to exchange a bill into small coins.

In addition, a vending machine in the airport was not working. I saw a traveler claiming that the coins were not returned.

In Prague, Japanese cuisine is also common. In the hotel I stayed, I can eat roll sushi at the breakfast. Of course, it tasted not so good. You should not expect to eat delicious sushi except in a foreign country except at a few luxury restaurant.

Unfortunately, I seldom saw anything in Prague because I spent the most time at the conference hall. Maybe the next time I will enjoy sightseeing at Prague.

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  1. Looks nice! Nowadays Sushi is common in all over the Europe, I think.