Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The risk of cardiac disease: recent research

Cardiac dysfunction is one of the principal causes of death as well as malignant neoplasms. Reducing the risk of heart attack is crucial for preventing premature death.

So far, regular habits of exercise and a balanced diet are recommended to maintain your health. Avoiding smoking is also essential. In addition, busy and aggressive lifestyle is said to be associated with heart attack.

Furthermore, recent studies suggest other several factors influencing your heart function. Some of them are still under discussion. They include noise, oversleeping, and even your blood type.

Hindustan Times: Keep your heart healthy: These 10 new study results will surprise you

In the items referred in this article above, mental stress, olive oil, and genetic factors are widely admitted to modifying the risk of heart failure. As well, it is highly certain that the heart muscle tissue cannot regenerate itself. Some researchers are challenging the barrier, attempting to utilize iPS cells.

On the other hand, it is doubtful that a particular blood type can influence the risk of heart attack. There are only four categories in ABO blood type. If a study suggests a type is superior to others, it is difficult to distinguish the result from a random effect. According to the article below, the result showed that people with O blood group have 1.4 percent risk while people with non-O blood group have 1.5 of coronary diseases. This difference seems to be statistically significant because the sample size was as large as 7,71,113. However, I do not believe that this difference has a particular clinical meaning.

Hindustan Times: Can your blood group affect the risk of a heart attack? A study says it can

In Japan, some people are very fond of talking about blood type. There are many jinxes regarding blood type in Japan, such as people with A are serious. These ideas are no other than prejudice, I think. It is problematic if a person seriously trusts them.

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