Monday, July 24, 2017

Google's homepage will be no more simple

Google is going to amend the homepage design completely.

Google's homepage is famous for its simplified design. All contents are the logo of Google which is occasionally altered and the search box. Google's decision is for the first time since it was developed in 1996.

The Guardian: Google to radically change homepage for first time since 1996

Nowadays, many people can make an internet search without Google page. Google Chrome and other internet browsers equip a search window shared with the address bar. Indeed, I dare not to go to

Google is planning to show a compilation of personalized information on its homepage. Thus, it will be different from Yahoo and other popular portal website. Personalization according to search history is one of the greatest advantages for Google. It is rational for Google not to make its homepage common among persons.

On the other hand, increasing number of people is going to quit the use of a PC. In each Android Phone, Google has already provided personalized portal page as Google Now. Considering it, the amendment of Google's homepage will have little impact on your lifestyle, perhaps.

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