Friday, July 7, 2017

National survey about gender minority in UK

Bisexual people are more anxious than gay men and women, according to a survey.

International Business Times: Bisexual people are more likely to have higher levels of anxiety than gay men or women

This survey was conducted by Office of National Statistics. As a result, it revealed that sexual minorities are more likely to feel unhappy than straight people, as expected.

London is one of the cities where most numbers of gender minority live. Nonetheless, they may feel uncomfortable or troubled in daily life.

I was rather surprised to know the fact that national authority carried out this kind of survey. It suggests there is a need to investigate this issue. And at least the government is willing to be open-minded.

In Japan, some comedians have committed their particular sexual habits. But they attract only the curiosity of citizens. In this meaning, Japanese are still intolerant of strangers.

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