Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Passengers, unreal event in real SciFi

I watched Passengers, a SciFi movie, in the airplane recently. It was fortunate for me to find it because I missed it on cinema.

IMDb: Passengers (2016)

In this story, the hero accidentally woke up in the starship where 5,000 passengers were in the hibernation. This starship was planned to reach a colony planet 90 years after. The hero could not fall into cold sleep again. It meant that he would be dead in the starship completely alone.

This kind of theme is relatively popular in the SciFi story. Space is substantially accompanied with solitude.

But, he made an unethical decision after a year of stay. He deliberately broke a hibernation capsule in which a woman whom he was fascinated was sleeping, to wake her up. He mimicked as if her awakening was accidental. She was astonished to know the desperate situation, but later she loved him.

One year after, the hero made a proposal to her. At the same time, she noticed that he woke her up. She refused his apology. However, soon after that, the starship encountered a critical failure. The two persons had to fix the trouble, not for themselves, but for all 5,000 passengers.

The graphic of this movie is extremely beautiful. I watched it only on the screen equipped on the airplane. I would like to see it in cinema.

In contrast, there are several errors in the plot. First of all, this starship has almost no fail-safe technologies. The accident occurred due to a crash with asteroids. Is it a common type of accident, isn't it? I hardly understand why this starship was easily crippled by this natural trouble.

As well, it is strange that the hero could not fall into hibernation again. If his machine is troubled, there must be several backups. In this movie, only one hibernation machine was spared in the starship. It is unrealistic.

Furthermore, no clues were awake in the starship for a couple of years. And AI supporters did not equip the program to fix the trouble at all. The designer of this starship seemed to completely trust the safety system of this ship. It is ridiculous.

These points lowered the quality of this movie.

On the other hand, the hero's behavior to wake her up is often discussed. I do not admire his act. And it is also strange that he hid the goods which he used to break the hibernation bot. It was a risky act. I could not understand how he would explain it if she saw the goods.

In addition to the beautiful description, the main actors' play was splendid. The music was also good.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)


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