Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is popular than the PM, poll suggests

Theresa May is now behind the leader of an opposing party.

The latest poll resulted that Jeremy Corbyn, the top of Labour Party took over Prime Minister Theresa May by a point as the most popular leader.

Independent: Jeremy Corbyn overtakes Theresa May for first time as voters' choice for best Prime Minister, poll finds

Indeed, 30 percent of the voters did not express their opinion. It means that many British citizens hesitated to rely on a particular person or ideology for the better future.

In the previous election conducted while I was in London, Conservative Party led by David Cameron grabbed the victory. Some people including many labors were criticizing his policy. And now, their claim is near to be realized.

I was surprised that an opposing leader is frequently focused in the UK. The words of Ed Miliband, as well as Jeremy Corbyn's, was often referred in the newspaper. In Japan, Ren Ho, the leader of Democratic Party of Japan, seldom attracts public attention. It is true that some Japanese media including Yomiuri Shimbun are inclined to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Nonetheless, Japanese politicians other than the ruling party lack the presence.

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