Tuesday, July 25, 2017

T Rex may be slower than you

Do you like dinosaurs? They attract many people, especially boys, for their huge figure.

However, since dinosaurs had perished before humankind appeared, the real ecology of dinosaurs is still under argument. Why they were eradicated is yet to be completely clarified. Today's figure of dinosaurs in the media and films, including Jurassic Park, is considerably fictitious constructed by the imagination of the creators.

Surprisingly, latest studies suggest Tyrannosaurus could even not run. Their maximum speed is suspected as only 20km/h.

Independent: Tyrannosaurus rex would not have been able to outrun a speedy human, research suggests

We easily imagine that a gigantic dinosaur runs with high speed using their long legs up and down. But this way of running does serious damage to its legs. The magnitude of pressure on the leg depends on the height of them. Dinosaurs' big body itself is a burden to their life. Therefore, most gigantic animals, such as whales and elephant seals, live in the sea.

Having a big body is a unique characteristic. But the environment of the earth is not always friendly to giants.

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