Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sex dolls are not so popular in Japan!

As mentioned in this blog, there are detailed sex dolls produced in Japan. Just recently, an exhibition was performed in Tokyo.

Love dolls in present and the past [in Japanese]

This kind of products is often discriminated by several people. In some regions, sex dolls are prohibited deemed as representing abuse for women. On the other hand, some people seriously consider sex dolls are useful for reducing sex offenses. It is not surprising that such an extraordinary product ignites a broad argument.

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However, you need to be aware that sex dolls are still very rarely seen in Japan. I have never seen one in real. I am afraid some foreigners misunderstand Japanese customs.

For example, the article below suggests as if some Japanese are so fond of staying with a love doll that they do not care their mate. But, in my opinion, such men are extremely rare.

International Business Times: Revealed: The intense relationships Japanese men have with their silicone sex doll girlfriends

Actually, this article introduced only a few examples as sex doll lover. I admit there are a few Japanese with this kind of habit. But in real, they are deemed as kinky by most Japanese.

Some Japanese say "[a woman in fiction] is my wife," but it is a silly joke. Most Japanese men seriously consider how to get along with other people. Quite a few people abandon the relationship in their real life. And most of them are diagnosed with some psychiatric disorders.

The other day, I introduced a nursery service for an adult in the UK. But its users must be very limited. If someone who had read this entry believed many British gentlemen are fond of being treated like a baby, British people would get angry.

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Sex issues are often misinterpreted because of its variation among culture. We should always be aware of the possibility of biased information in front of us.

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