Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bitcoin dream to the next stage

The price of Bitcoin is still fluctuating. But, there are fewer people believing Bitcoin will perish soon. Recently, the Japanese government admitted that Bitcoin transaction is not subject to be taxed. It is gradually infiltrating our daily life.

Some people who had been dealt with Bitcoin are now reaping the fruit. This article below introduced a teenager who became a millionaire because of Bitcoin investment.

International Business Times: Teenager who invested in bitcoin aged 12 is now a millionaire

In Japan, there is an ideology broadly accepted that earning money with easy is a lazy act. Most parents do not approve the act of this boy. In contrast, many Americans believe administrating your own estate is a basic skill of living. This difference makes the variance between Japan and the US about the number of successful investors, I think.

On the other hand, how to use your money is another issue. There are many people ruined himself due to excessive money.

Anyway, an initial Bitcoin dream is over. Whereas Bitcoin will become an option for investment, you will never grab millions of dollar with ease by Bitcoin dealing.


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