Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump will withdraw from Paris climate deal

Donald Trump is expected to declare the withdrawal from Paris climate agreement, according to the officers.

CNN: Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement

*Trump has officially declared the withdrawal.

Paris agreement was developed in 2015 for stabilizing the global climate change. More than one hundred of nations have joined in the deal. Its purpose is to fix the global warming, one of the most critical problems in the current world.

However, Trump was opposing the deal. He seems to believe the agreement is stupid and disadvantageous to the US. Withdrawal from the Paris agreement was one of his promise before the Presidential vote. Therefore, it is not surprising at all if Trump signs the Presidential Decree to abandon the deal.

To begin with, Trump believes that climate change is an illusion or hoax by agitators. His idea is out of the question. But, it is not easy to estimate the influence of the human activities on the climate exactly.

Interestingly, China will be cooperative with the EU to stress the importance of the deal to the US.

The Guardian: China and EU strengthen promise to Paris deal with US poised to step away

It is rare that China gets along with the EU, as well claiming the importance of the environmental issue. China is one of the greatest contributors to the air pollution. I guess, however, China itself recognizes that it should be treated as soon as possible.

As I wrote previously, environmental issues are quite difficult to be addressed collaboratively by multiple players because it is public goods.

My past entry: Climate is a public goods

Paris agreement is a historic decision of several countries sharing the deep concern to this issue. I hope it will be adequately adhered by many nations.

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