Monday, June 19, 2017

Macron's party won the general election

Recently, a general election of Parliament was conducted in France. As expected, Macron's party grabbed the victory.

In France, Parliament vote is carried out twice in each term. As a result, La République en Marche (LREM) which Macron belongs to got a total of 360 seats in the 577. Gaining the majority, Macron will administer the government with ease.

However, it does not mean most French people is on the side of Macron. His political ideology is rather central. Thus, his supporters are widely distributed from right to left. People who love nationalism but do not trust Le Pin also voted to LREM. As well, a part of supporters of Hollande, the ex-President, seems to have joined to LREM for the victory of this poll.

In addition, the turnout of this election was lowest ever before since the Fifth Republic was established. The voting rate was less than a half.

Aljazeera: France's Macron wins strong parliamentary majority Macron completes electoral grand slam amid record-low turnout

Some people suggested it means indifference of the citizens to the election. But, I believe one of the reasons was the high likelihood Macron's winning. People would not vote if noticing that their vote would have no impact on the outcome.

France is often subjected to a terror attack by ISIS and other extremists. The fact Macron won has multiple meanings. French citizens are rational and willing to seek a solution other than excluding immigrants. At the same time, they may have no panacea to fix the current situation. Macron's LREM will be facing a great challenge.

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