Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sexuality and diet: not so easy to understand

Gender identity is a novel and sensitive issue. American Psychiatric Association discussed whether homosexuality should be deemed as a disease or not in the process of establishing DSM-IV criteria. Finally, the members of the publishing team made a vote to determine this issue. Thus, there is still limited evidence to identify the scientific character of sexuality.

And, there are also some people claiming homosexual is a disease. Rita Strakosha is one of the researchers who suspect the relationship between sexual preference and daily diet. She claims that continuous taking of junk food makes you homosexual.

It is no doubt that her hypothesis ignited widespread criticism. Recently, she said that her idea was often misunderstood. She expressed that it is not so important whether homosexuality is a disease.

International Business Times: Author of 'study' claiming unhealthy lifestyle causes homosexuality says she's been misunderstood

I dare not to read through her article. It seems not needed to judge her hypothesis. As some researchers say in the article above, it is nonsense.

To begin with, sexuality is a complex idea derived from several factors. hormonergic reaction is only partially decisive to form your sexual identity. It is quite rude to explain the human sexual behaviors with only the biological factor. Moreover, diet and sleep have only limited role in determining the physiological reaction in the human.

In other words, she is apparently overestimating the effect of biological reaction in the human behavior. It is a common pattern observed in psychologists, in my experience. I prospect her hypothesis will not survive in the near future.

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