Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sony and Microsoft and the future of game console

Besides the launch of Nintendo Switch, Sony and Microsoft are still competing for the throne of the game console.

In the last year, Sony released PlayStation 4 Pro, a new console which is entirely compatible with current PlayStation 4 with up converting to the 4K solution. And Microsoft has announced that it will release Xbox One X in this year.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Xbox, PlayStation bosses on 4K, VR, exclusive games and what makes their brand best

Undoubtedly, the both consoles are most gorgeous gaming tools for a consumer. However, it is unsure their flagship machines will profit soon.

4K Blue-ray discs are not available on PlayStation 4 Pro. It is a quite serious issue. Most Sony lovers are also enthusiasts of movies with high-definition, I believe. Knowing this fact, I abandoned the plan to purchase PlayStation 4 Pro.

Instead, Xbox One can play 4K Blue-ray disc. But there are several reports of unexpected errors in working it as a Blue-ray disc player.

Furthermore, most users are now not fond of playing games on a console. Smartphone and tablets are dominant in a field of gaming. Recently, Nintendo entered this industry a couple of years ago and made splendid outcome.

Virtual reality is expected as a user experience in the next gaming era. Sony recently released PlayStation VR, a head mounted game console. Microsoft is also considering to develop a platform.

However, VR requires vast resource. It is better for players to go to an amusement part for an exciting experience than sitting on a floor of yours. The wearable computer is an innovation. But I think its proper usage is still under development.

I am not sure which will win the battle. Anyway, the box-type game console will perish in the near future, I think.

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