Saturday, June 3, 2017

Oesophageal cancer, a desperate disease

I am a psychiatrist. I have treated several patients. Some recovered, others did not, unfortunately. In general, psychiatrists are rare to be satisfied with their treatment performance because the success rate of each therapy can be vaguely evaluated. In this meaning, I am often jealous to surgeons.

On the other hand, there several types of cancers, which are the main targets of surgery. Among them, oesophageal cancer is still a large enemy for practitioners.

The Conversation: Oesophageal cancer rates are rocketing - here’s what you need to know about the disease

Oesophageal cancer is hardly detected in the early stage. And many patients suffer from the problem about swallowing foods even if they survived the surgery. In addition to the treatment option of surgery, radiation therapy is also adapted to treat oesophageal cancer. As esophagus is located rather in the exterior area of the body, radiation looks useful at a glance. However, exposure to radiation causes you burning and other adverse effects.

When I was a medical student, the first patient I took charge of was an old man with oesophageal cancer. He was brave and optimistic. I learned many things from him. But the outcome of his treatment was not good, unfortunately.

Nowadays, many types of cancers have been defeated by newly treatments. But oesophageal cancer is still increasing. I hope some researchers will find an innovative way to cure this serious disease soon.

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