Saturday, June 24, 2017

Starbucks accepts refugees

Starbucks, a popular coffee shop franchise, announced to have hired a total of 2,500 refugees across European countries.

Its movement was responding to criticism against Starbucks originated from Donald Trump's executive order to ban Muslim immigrants.

Independent: Starbucks to hire 2,500 refugees across Europe in defiance of social media backlash

Now, about 8% of Starbucks shoppers in Europe are refugees, according to the company. But, it is suggested that far more refugees want a job in several countries. Generally speaking, Labors unions are hesitating, accepting refugees because of a fear domestic worker would be replaced by immigrants.

I think it is quite good big companies such as Starbucks take leadership in a movement which is considered as politically correct. Gigantic companies are responsible to some extent for not only its own profit but also community itself, in my sense.

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