Sunday, June 25, 2017

How to respond when you see bad news

Nowadays, the internet brings us much much information. And social media tend to choose extreme cases for the suggestion to us. We often encounter surprising facts most of which are very sad matter.

Seeing bad news makes us upset. You may become depressed after seeing tragic story repeatedly. We can turn it off immediately. And some people recommend doing so.

However, being blind to bad news is not a good idea, according to the author of this article below.

The Conversation; It’s all too easy to switch off from bad news – and it’s dangerous too

We should be aware of the shape of the world. And we have to find the positive aspect of some unfortunate event.

I agree with this opinion to some extent. But it is not a rule always to adhere. If you have been already depressed due to personal troubles, you should not look at bad news outside of you. Close your eyes and protect you until your damaged mood recovers.

Also, you should prioritize the issues around you. Your family, close friends, and business partners may be suffering from serious troubles. Treating them is much more important for you than expressing a compassion to others behind the TV and the internet.

You can feel difficult to find positive aspects of the event you see. Then, simply express your grief. Positive thinking is toxic in some situation. It is the best way to do nothing but cry in the absolute sorrow.

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