Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mini SNES will come

Nintendo announced to release so-called Super-Famicom Mini.

 Its name is Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or Mini SNES). The original console was released in 1990. It established an era of the consumer game.

Mini SNES equips a total of 21 games each of which except one were very popular in the contemporary age. And the one "Star Fox 2" will be an illusional title which had not been released. Two shapes of Mini SNES will be created: the US version and Japanese version.

The Guardian: Nintendo announces the Mini SNES

The previous Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer (Mini NES) was sold out immediately after its release. Nintendo has committed that the number of products will be larger than that of the predecessor. But it is unsure until when its products will be continued.

Anyway, Mini SNES will be a luxury item as well as Mini NES. You can play almost all titles of the contents of Mini SNES through Nintendo Virtual Console. And its price is not so low. Instead, Mini SNES has a very charming figure.

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