Thursday, June 1, 2017

System trouble in British Airways

On May 27th, British Airways (BA), a leading aircraft company in the UK encountered a serious system trouble. It made all of the flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airport crippled. Thousands of passengers were trapped, to be forced to stay a night at the airport.

The trouble continued for some days. Now BA has declared a full recovery from the trouble, but there are still several flight plans badly influenced.

The cause of this trouble is not an external challenge, according to BA. If a person or organization with malicious intention had done this act, it would have been a critical problem not only the airline company but also the nation.

BA will compensate up to tens of millions GBP for damaged customers. Its stock price fell by four percent on the day of the incident.

The Guardian: British Airways owner loses £170m in value after IT meltdown

It is fortunate that nobody was injured in the accident. I can hardly imagine the magnitude of the damage if it were an atomic power plant to have been crippled. I expect BA to prevent the recurrence of this kind of problems.

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