Monday, June 12, 2017

Prospective students of Harvard dismissed due to the posts on Facebook

At least ten students got their permission to enter the class of Harvard in 2021 canceled. The reason was the contents they posted in a group chat on Facebook.

Independent: 10 students have Harvard acceptances withdrawn over Facebook memes

Members of the group created sexually or racially offensive description and graphics on the Facebook group. The Admission Committee of Harvard started to investigate what they had posted. After a deliberate investigation, at least ten prospected students were excluded from the list of 2021 class.

To begin with, I was a little surprised that the Harvard class in 2012 has been fixed now. I am not sure what the students posted exactly. Considering the fact that the dismissed students must be teens, the decision of the authority can be harsh. But, the issue of discrimination is very deep and serious. The seed of prejudice is born in the very early life stage. Harvard seemed not ignore their rude behavior.

Nonetheless, we have to reconsider how to treat the misconducts on the internet. Everyone have bitter memories they made a failure in the youth. However, what you have posted on the internet will last eternally. The right to be forgotten was discussed recently. We should be tolerant to misconducts in young people a little more.

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