Friday, June 9, 2017

Genetic treatment for asthma, a possibility

Asthma is one of the terrible respiratory diseases that can occur in many people. Its symptom is the disturbance in breathing. Patients suffer from the difficulty of absorbing the air, often causing crippled oxidation. The asthma attack can be fatal in infants, elder, or compromised patients.

Asthma is considered not as a respiratory disease, but as occurring due to an allergic reaction. NSAID, an anti-inflammatory drug is well-known as a material to cause an asthma attack. Hyperactivity of immune system can contribute to tightening the lower respiratory tracts in the patients.

Therefore, relaxing the allergic reaction can be a solution to treat asthma. The steroid is frequently used to asthma in a serious case.

And now, Australian researchers published that they have found a possibility of a decisive way to cure asthma.

Independent: Allergy treatment: Scientists claim breakthrough that could lead to cure for all intolerances

According to the researchers in Queensland University, they successfully used the genetic modification in mice to reduce the allergic response to egg white. The egg is one of the substances which frequently bring an allergic reaction in the human.

Unfortunately, I could not find the original article published in JCI Insight. And my specialty is far from genetics. So, I cannot evaluate the validity of their experiment. According to the media, the responses toward the result the researchers had published were various. The researchers admit it will take several years to begin the clinical trial.

If genetic treatment for allergic reaction is utilized, it will be an innovation and will rescue massive patients. But in my sense, there are many barriers before the expecting outcome.

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