Sunday, June 11, 2017

Eating in front of a mirror makes you happy?

Eating alone is often deemed as a behavior of a solitary person. And we are unconsciously aware that we taste bad when eating alone. Indeed, studies have found that eating with others make us satisfied with the meal and eat more.

Recently, an interesting study was conducted to examine the effect of eating together. Participants were requested to eat in front of a mirror. Surprisingly, they ate more food and felt better of the taste as if they had been with other persons.

Hindustan Times: Eating alone in front of mirrors makes meals taste better: Study

The result is hardly trustworthy at a glance. If we are influenced by a mirror image of ourselves, it is so silly to make efforts for comfortable surrounding. But the system of our neural network and feedback is developed with a very simple structure.

But, considering the fact that few restaurants equip mirrors near to the guest's seat, I hardly believe the outcome of this study, nevertheless.

In addition, some people, especially with eating disorders, experience binge eating when alone. They often say their appetite becomes controllable in a dinner with close friends. Thus, eating together does not necessarily have an effect of growing your appetite. Eating is a complex behavior.

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