Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sequels in Feb. 2013

Feb 18. 2013

This case astonished a lot of people. However, it is also surprising that information about this was widespread so rapid. If we have been in cold wars, whole information would have been sealed.
I heard that Russian drivers attached video camera on their cars as usual to be prepared to a traffic accident. It enabled us to get the situation around meteor strike in detailed. It is interesting.

Feb 7. 2013

At last I got a gastrocamera examination the other day. It was so tough for me. The tube gave me severe nausea. Nasal camera would be more painless but I hesitated to choose nasal one because my nose is often stopped up. An examination performed under anesthesia was also available. I wonder to choose which method in the next time.

Feb 1. 2013

A bill about internet election is to be presented at the Diet. Democratic Party of Japan and Your Party claim that e-mail should be allowed completely for the purpose of advertisement of election. Ruling Liberal Democratic Party opposes to it. Nonetheless, new legislation will be established. I am welcome to deregulation.

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