Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Four patterns of policies

We often talk about politics, and sometimes argue each other.
As far as I know, political stance of human is categorized into 4 patterns.
They are libertarians, liberals, communitarians, and conservatives.

I use 2 axes to classify them.
One is Axis of Principle. When freedom of individual principle is widely accepted, the whole society becomes tolerate to minorities, free from totalitarianism. But too free society would incline to chaotic. Governance of authorities cannot works well. They would fall into ineffective populism.
The other is Axis of Economy. If power of market is respected, citizens work harder to improve their own life. This results in development of society and culture. But market often fails. Unequal society results from too free economy. Moreover, handicapped person hardly successes in the world of survival of the fittest. Human is not equal by nature, indeed. Some adjustment is needed.

So, there are 4 stances for policy.

Libertarians believe in God’s invisible hand by Mr. Adam Smith. They take account on one’s own choice. If all persons made their favorable decisions, all would have been happy. According to their thought, adjustment by the government is a necessary evil. Taxes and legislations have to be minimized. They are not anarchists. Some regulation to keep market fair is needed.

Liberals impress the importance of human will. It likes libertarians. However they prefer equality to fairness. As protection for weak people is essential, tax for rich people is justified.

For communitarians, absolute freedom in individual thought is a kind of fantasy. They claim that common goodness is the best value for a community. They think that neither pragmatism or liberty solve the conflict in human society. Recently, Prof Michael Sandel is a famous communitarian. He denies the freedom to sell one’s own organs.

Conservative is other than 3 above policies. They think traditional thoughts are worthy to respect. They like to maintain old styles of cultural behavior, especially nurture, gender, and work styles.

It is an example for classification. Some other explanation I have seen.

According to this categorizing, I am a libertarian. Why? This policy is the most optimistic. When all of us act as selfish, all would works well. How splendid! I wish to believe the potential of human.

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