Saturday, February 23, 2013

Failure and recovery of my Let’s Note AX

Last week was a tough one for me.

One day, I talked about our new research with one of my colleague. The discussion is not so boring, but I was not able to concentrate on it.
On the other hand, my newest PC, Let’s Note AX was not working so well. The touch pad was so sensitive that the cursor often moved unintentionally. The other day I installed some bug fixes but to be in vain.

My past entry: New PC with WIN8 by Panasonic (1)
My past entry: New PC with WIN8 by Panasonic (2)

So I tried to update BIOS of this machine, during our conversation.
It was my fault.

After updated, a critical change occurred. Keyboard was no longer respond. I could not type any words! As far as I know, this kind of phenomenon is quite rare in laptop PC. Perhaps I mistook the process of installation. BIOS update is so dangerous.

Next, I tried to use system recovery tool supplied by Windows8. For my experience, most problems with new software or updating had been cancelled.
But, after restarting, Cursor had vanished!

Damn it!

I hesitated to call customer support, because I had changed the machine once. I decided to recover the OS itself.
I booted up EFI, to input the command to order full recovery to factory setting.

It was successful. My Let’s Note began to work again. Of course, data in the SSD was completely deleted. Fortunately, I always use Microsoft Skydrive to back up all of business data. So the damage of this tragedy was minimized.

However, the cursor remained vulnerable. I was about to give up. Then I saw popup news by Panasonic.

“Newly support information, system update to stabilize movement of the cursor”

This notification had not appeared yet when I tried to update the BIOS. This program released during my struggling. Is it good timing, or bad?

I installed the program. And usability of this machine improved dramatically.


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