Wednesday, February 27, 2013

IC recorder by Olympus

Recently, I bought an IC recorder by Olympus for the purpose of my research.
It is light and easy to use.

For the first time I touched one of the IC recorder in 2005. Those days, even cassette tapes and mini discs were available. Also ZIP discs might be popular, though they were not common in Japan.
I remember I was surprised of multifunction of IC recorder. It equipped storage, recorder, and MP3 player. I carried one for business, but used almost only for listening music.

In Japan, Sanyo was a leading company about this kind of gadget. I loved the products of Sanyo because of its design and usability. However, Sanyo was purchased from Panasonic.

Now Panasonic is struggling for better fiscal balance.
The situation has changed. Nowadays, few people buy IC recorders. We can record conversation using iPhone, or other Smartphone. Why should we bring another device than the iPhone? IC recorders cannot let us watch TV or internet.

Old electronic devices tend to be outdated rapidly. It is destiny about technology.
However, in some situations, they can an interesting role.

I was able to buy an IC recorder with a certain academic funding because this device is necessary to perform a project. Perhaps, iPhone is not allowed to be bought with funding. IPhone is expensive and vulnerable to malware. Limited function is sometimes advantageous.

Gadgets with limited usability are cheap but have unique fascination. In many developing countries they will use more cheaper gadgets which are convenient enough. I love not only PC, Smartphone, and Kindle tablet, but also low-end gadgets.

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