Saturday, February 2, 2013

Annoying Powerpoint

Today, I was writing a report about my newly research.

Writing is one of my own tasks. Nonetheless I am sometimes annoyed with them.
Moreover Microsoft Powerpoint (R) always make me angry!

Usually we are demanded to present an official report printed when we are funded by Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. The style of reports is fixed. And it is far from comfortable.
So we need to create a report with a lot of figures and graphs printed in monochrome.
However Powerpoint has poor option for monochrome printing. If you select an option for monochrome, some of numbers presented at the figure would be covered under black colored elements of the figure. You cannot read them!

After all, I have to replace all of numbers on figures manually for making it clear. This is boring work at all.

I think that Microsoft Office suites are worsening every time they are replaced by a new version. This is a fate for software. Enormous errors are found in them now, but unfixed. Workers at Microsoft may be genius. Nonetheless the situation is worsening.

Indeed, I am dependent on Microsoft. Without Word or Excel I hardly complete my daily work. But I consider saying good bye to Powerpoint.

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  1. According to my opinion, the best powerpoint is Powerpoint 2000, and the best Windows is Windows XP. They made them worse and worse as they update them. Maybe all of us will use pen and paper in 2020.