Sunday, February 24, 2013

Washing machine and task

I have a washing machine produce by SHARP.
This one is equipped with drum roll and can dry the clothes after washing automatically. It is an excellent function. It lets me free from labor of hanging out.

However, there is a disadvantage.
This machine sometimes does not work ordinarily. When washing and drying are completed, a bell sounds. Then, I have to find that the laundry was not dry, occasionally.
This phenomenon tends to occur when I put in a large amount of clothes. Maybe, laundry surpasses capacity of this machine, I guess.

Usually, when I put in too much clothes, an alarm tells me about this. But even if washing begins, it is possible of failure.

Human work is similar to this.

We often order a work to other employees. They accept the order. But sometimes the work is not successful. Then we tend to think that the employee had to decline the work if he had known that it was impossible to complete the work in time.

Both sides are to blame for it.
Reject the task that you think impossible.
And do not such an order. Look at the amount of laundry and capacity of the drum. You can compare them and predict the result.

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