Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making a novel, my past hobby

In younger age, my hobby was writing a novel.

I had written several novels whose types are various, such as fantasy, serious literature, and mystery. One of the longest novels I wrote consists over 400 pages.
In junior high school age, I wanted to be a novelist. However I noticed that it was too difficult for me to create new novels regularly. So I changed my mind, not to hope to be a novelist, but have a fun of writing. This choice was correct now I think.

In university, I established department of novels in the club I belonged to. And I published a total of 20 issues of self-publishing journals. Fortunately some of my colleagues joined me.
I wrote a series of mystery, titled “Apocalypse of Rei”, that I want to translate into English and introduce for new readers some day.

I thought that making a novel would be a hobby for me forever.

However, after becoming a doctor, I stopped writing a novel.

Medical situation for me as a psychiatrist was so serious that I had no dream about making an imaginary story. They seemed no longer real for me.

Twelve years passed.

Even now I want to write something about my imagination. On the other hand, the real world is also a fun worth to be described.

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