Saturday, February 9, 2013

Duty for professionals

Have you experienced such a situation of misunderstanding?
For example, you were a seller and had to explain an issue about your products for a customer. But the customer could not understand your explanation. At last the customer got angered and claimed that you had a fault of disguising.
Which is wrong, you or the customer?

The answer varies dependent on the each situation, indeed. However, I recommend you to think that you were wrong.
In this example, you were a professional.

A professional is superior to an amateur in both knowledge and skill. At least they should be superior. It is duty for professionals. Then professionals have no right to complain about amateurs who do not have enough knowledge or skill.
Imagine that a bright person and a dull person are to make conversation. For successful communication, a bright person has to control the difficulty of conversation. It is duty for talented one.
An artist should never say, “Dull people cannot understand the true value of my work!”

Similar condition often occurs. A teacher is annoyed by students watching mobile phone or comic book during his lecture. This is a common situation. The teacher may be angry. However, what he should do is not to scold his students but to reflect his own lecture which is too difficult for students or simply boring.

Nobles oblige is a standard of professionals.

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