Monday, February 18, 2013

Meteor Strike in Russia

Disastrous meteor fall struck Russia in Feb. 15, 2013. The meteor exploded, to injure over 1,000 people, according to media.

Meteor explodes over Russia, 1,100 injured (The Mainichi)

Meteor swarm is the most powerful spell in fantasy world, such as Dungeons & Dragons ®. But in real it is nothing other than a calamity.

The word “Astronomical” has a meaning of rarity in Japan. Probability of meteor strike is quite astronomical. According to some assumption, it is deemed to about 1/100,000,000 or 1/10,000,000,000. Now in Japan, probability of fatal traffic accident in a year is 1/10,000. So you should watch out around you, not above you, of course.

Nonetheless this event influenced people much. Someone tweeted “I am afraid of an atomic power plant struck by a meteor.” Another replied, “It would be much more dangerous that the meteor strikes your house.”

We have to prepare to undesired incidents. It is essential to control the risk. Crippled Fukushima atomic power plant case also results from failure of risk control. However, nature itself is not controllable. Earthquake and Tsunami, Typhoons and Hurricanes, heavy rain and snow are also terrible. We can manage the risks, but cannot delete them completely.
Moreover, a meteor has great power of heat. I guess normal walls or roofs does not have enough power against big meteors.

There is a useful tool against rare but critical events. It is “insurance”. Perhaps “Insurance for meteors” will rise.
But then, if a big meteor strikes urban area, insurance company may bankrupt because of need for enormous payment.

At last, humankind is not strong enough to overcome a meteor. When will we be able to conquer nature?


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