Thursday, February 21, 2013

Women's era

Going into society of women is one of key words in 20th century.
Now, it is not rare that a woman occupy an administrative position in major companies.

However Japan is deemed as a country not easy to get a high class job for women. In Japan the rate of women in administrative posts is about 10%, lowest in developed countries, except Korea.

Women feel that it is difficult to have a baby in their work life. Child-care leave is hardly offered. Nurseries are very busy. Past ruling Democrat Party of Japan tried to supply child allowance for mothers, but financial crisis did not allow this policy.

I seldom see female bosses around me. On the other hand, several subordinates of mine are female. They are cheerful, have a fun for work, and get a child. The age is changing.

New government in Japan promised to support working women. Powerful women will rise in Japan, I predict in future.
Besides, men are rather powerless recently. It is said that men who do not look for sexual partners aggressively are increasing. They are called “Soshoku-kei”, herbivorous –style. In Japan balance of power between men and women is changed upside down.

Also in Japan domestic violence sometimes occurs. Most of victims are women. However, a few men are suffering from their wife. Legislation in Japan about domestic violence is advantageous for women. So, male victims tend to fall into a pitfall. It is relatively rare, but there are cautious cases.

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  1. The most important point is that Japan is facing serious decrease of population, which means the total number of the labors will go down. The solution shold be 1)imigration, 2)increasing female labors, or 1)+2). I think 1) is quite tough in Japan (People cannot speak English. People has few experience to facing other religon, and so on), 2) is much easier at least compared to 1). I hope they change the system better and give a chance of working to housewives.