Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Skinhead in AKB48

A few days ago, Ms. Minami Minegishi, one of the members of AKB48, shaved her hair all for apologize. She published her skinhead in You Tube, an internet video site.

AKB48 is Japanese famous idol group consist of many girls. Love with a man is prohibited tacitly in members of AKB48. It is said that the reason for this extraordinary rule is to protect their image of purity. Ms. Minegishi was reported by a gossip journal that she was in a hotel with a man. She regretted that she broke the rule and damaged her reputation. So she expressed her sincerity with shaving her hair on her own.

It is the story told by mass media.

In Japan, shaving hair is sometimes used as a behavior for expression of apologize. Its origin may be from Buddhist priests. I have shaved my hair in school life when I had lost a game in tennis. But it is very rare for a girl to shave her hair.

Her action is deemed to be strange. Some people suspect that this event was created by a producer of AKB48 to seek public attention. Other people believe she was forced to shave her hair. If so, it may be an abuse on human right.

To begin with, it is one opinion that the rule of prohibiting love is ridiculous. Member of AKB48 are teenagers or 20s. It is weird that young girls do not seek a boyfriend but sing love songs every day. I am doubtful that audiences believe that a member keep her chastity. It is far from real. What a fantasy it is.

Actually, I am not interested to AKB48 at all. I prefer animation movies rather than real idols.

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