Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Human relationship

One day, a senior doctor told me about the three essential elements of life. They were “work”, “companions” and “control of greed”. I agree with him.

Among them companions is complicated one. We have to think about human relationship to know the value of companions.

Human relationship is quite important. A survey about stress among working environment shows that human relationship at the work space is the most critical factor of stressor for working person, more than salary, more than pressure.
Interestingly I have heard that a similar study in USA shows the same result. It is a little surprising, as companies in USA are deemed to be more businesslike than ones in Japan. Actually, in many company in USA the boss has authority to decide payment for his subordinates. So employees may be much concerned about temper of their boss.

Oldies Japan community had deep human relationship. A Japan company was compared to a family. Nowadays, people who dislike conventional culture in Japan are increasing. Japan culture itself is changing. Some people say collapse of Japan community will result in worsening of security. I agree with it. However, disadvantages of old culture in Japan must be got rid of for further prosperity in future.

I don’t know where we go to. The only thing that is certain is importance of human relationship cannot change forever.

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  1. I agree with you... Working style is changing. I think in the future people tend to change their jobs more often than now. This means we must control our human relationship in that condition. It is not easy. We must adjust it...