Friday, March 1, 2013

What is expert?

The word “Expert” has a unique power. We feel that as if an expert knows everything about his specialized field. We tend to believe the words of experts on newspapers or magazines.
What is the definition of experts? Do you know the standard for someone called an expert?

There are some answers. Vast knowledge about this field; a lot of achievements or prizes; techniques not to be able to be copied by others; and so on.

I have three answers about this question.

One, an expert needs to construct a theory or a system from the beginning, so called zero-based thinking. An expert of politics must have an idea of the most beneficial system of policy. If he were the emperor, he would establish a utopia of an ideal system of politics. Criticizing the present state of policy is not adequate to be an expert on politics. Show me the answer.

Two, an expert must be able to explain everything with his specialized words. An expert of psychology can talk about current issue of politics from a psychological point of view. He analyses the minds of politicians and citizens to explain the current problem of politics. An expert draws any phenomena up to his specialty.

And the last is that expertise is not a privilege but a duty. To be an expert is to be responsible for it. If an expert of martial arts injured other people, he would be punished as if he had heavily armed. An expert should not be defeated by an amateur in a debate. And they must enlighten other people, to prove the value of their specialty.

These 3 standards are very hard to be committed. Specialty is so tough that I hardly introduce myself as an expert of forensic mental health.

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