Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Supersonic jet planned again

“Faster and more distant” is one of the themes in the 20th century. Several innovations occurred in transportation such as vehicles, subways, and aircraft.

But “Concorde,” the first supersonic jet was terminated after struggling for a few of decades. It enabled us to go from London to New York for only a few hours. But its cost and low effectiveness inhibited it from becoming popular.

Recently, Airbus is considering to introduce supersonic jets again. The US Air Force seems to realize them for military use. The expected aircraft can carry 20 passengers with speed of Mach 5.

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Airbus’ plane is no more feasible for civil usage because of its low capacity. The passengers will be limited to celebrities. On the other hand, Virgin Galactic is willing to develop another type of jets which can fly across the Pacific Ocean for three hours.

Sir Richard Branson called his new supersonic airplane “Baby Boom.” If realized, it can bring 40 passengers. An experimental flight will be planned in 2023 or later. And the price is currently set at 2,500 GBP.

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The founder of Boom emphasizes that this attempt is affordable. Indeed, Concorde could carry 100 people with Mach 2. The spec of Concorde looks superior to this Baby Boom. However, whether the new transportation will be successful and sustainable is a different problem from the catalog spec.

I am interested in this new supersonic jet. At the same time, I like to spend time on an airplane. It is exclusively vacant, and I feel relaxed. Therefore, I can be patient to long time flight. I dare not to use the supersonic jet unless the cost is lowered by a half.

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