Sunday, November 6, 2016

Samsung's washing machines recalled due to explosion

Samsung is far more suffering from its poor quality of products.

A series of washing machines had a failure, including excessive vibration and even an explosion leading to an injury of users, according to the media.

The types of washing machines which were crippled were sold mainly in the US. Samsung decided to recall a total of 2.8 millions of products. Customers can choose either repair or refund.

Just recently, Samsung had to abandon producing its flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note 7, due to exploding failure. It hurt Samsung so much that its stock price rapidly fell.

Repeated scandals may get rid of the public trust to Samsung. And I am concerned about the difference between smartphone and washing machine. It is sometimes seen that a smartphone bursts. A smartphone is so delicate that it tends to store heat in it. On the other hand, a washing machine has a considerable volume. I wonder it is so hard to leak heat from a washing machine not to cause an explosion.

Anyway, safety should be prioritized in developing any products. I expect Samsung to create more qualified gadgets.

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