Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gloomy Donald Trump's triumph for presidential vote

Just now, Donald Trump's victory against Hillary Clinton in the presidential vote became decisive.

This result is very surprising, and of course disappointing, for me. I do not believe at all that Trump will make a good change to the US and the world.

However, American citizens chose him. It is a serious fact.

In the background of Trump's victory, there is a fury of many Americans'. They seem to distrust popular politicians most of whom are of the upper class and have a high level of education. Historically, not only the US but also any other countries have been led by a few elites. In recent years, however, it became difficult for limited persons who have extraordinary talents and wealth to show the way to better future. Many people at the middle-class are doubtful that traditional political structure will work anymore. Furthermore, some of them hope a complete scrapping of the current situation.

Trump was successful to attract their dark desire. They voted not for Trump but for denying the current history of the US.

Although I can understand their agony and suffering to some extent, it seems no good to expect Trump. He has almost no ideas to manage the current complicated situation. Every time he conducts a new policy, more confusion will occur in the society. Its harm will be bigger than the merit of policy changing. As a result, I am afraid that Trump will accomplish nothing other than destruction.

There is another scenario of the new President. It is true that Trump is an excellent businessperson. If he trusts some specialists around him, he is able to consider some solutions to manage the US through discussing with his allies. He has no experience of politics, but every good business persons have the talent to manage other people for the best profit.

Anyway, Trump's victory has caused a great risk for the world, especially in financial issues. 2016 will be recorded as unexpected events occurred repeatedly. And it means that the complexity of the world is more and more growing.


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