Thursday, November 3, 2016


In recent, launched Kindle Unlimited in Japan. It enables paid subscribers to read any of registered e-books. prepared millions of titles available in Kindle Unlimited. They included newest issues of several magazines. I was surprised to the fertile lineups. In the US, there is a paid subscription service named Next Issue, in which members can read hundreds of magazines unlimitedly. But, the monthly fee of it is almost equal to Kindle Unlimited. Thus, Kindle Unlimited is compatible, or superior to Next Issue in Japan.

However,'s challenge seemed to a little too aggressive.

A few days after the launch, retrieved several titles of books and magazines from the subject of Kindle Unlimited. The reason is considered that Amazon was expected not to pay the reward to each publisher for their contents read by subscribers. Subscribers need not pay the cost for each reading, while Amazon had to pay for it according to the contract. Of course, Amazon had stored a large amount of money to be paid. But Kindle Unlimited service became popular with much higher speed than Amazon had expected.

Therefore, Amazon had to inhibit it's own service, ironically. Amazon's treatment was deemed to be a betrayal both to the subscribers and publishers. Some publishers are considering to sue

Now, I am still a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited. But, there are limited materials I a m interested in. I will remain my account active for a while. But if Amazon does not take the next move, perhaps I cancel my subscription.

By the way, Kindle Unlimited is very friendly to authors of books whose theme is niche, as I wrote previously. My opinion has not changed regarding this issue. Recently, I published. Tiny e-book via Kindle Desk Top Publishing. Some people read my work with Kindle Unlimited. It is a cool service for us.

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