Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fidel Castro’s death and the relationship with the US

Fidel Castro, the former Cuban President, was dead at the age of 90.

He was recognized as a revolutionist. He defeated the previous Cuban government which had kept a close relationship with the US. And he reconstructed Cuba as a socialist state. He had been the President for nearly a half century.

The Atlantic: Reactions to Fidel Castro's Death: Live Coverage

Cuba and the US had been in a tense relationship since Fidel seated the leader of Cuba. On the other hand, he was very friendly to Japan. He often admired the accomplishment of Japanese athletes in Major League. Some Japanese are fond of visiting Cuba because Cuban government permits Japanese tourists to enter Cuba without a visa.

In recent years, thanks to Obama administration’s effort, the international relationship between Cuba and the US is becoming closer. In 2015, Obama and Fidel met each other officially, which was 59 years after the previous meeting.

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However, Donald Trump seems to identify Cuba and Fidel as an enemy. He mentioned Fidel as a brutal dictator, as Obama said as a singular figure. Trump said that the death of Fidel would make Cuban people free from suppression.

Hindustan Times: Obama calls Castro ‘singular figure’, Trump says he was a ‘brutal dictator’

It is not sure how Trump will deal with Cuba. Some American people consider that Obama’s foreign policy was too coward and just for making a legacy. Considering that many Republicans still do not like to normalize the tie with Cuba, the relationship between the two nations will be deteriorated, I am afraid. It is consistent with Trump’s policy for the solitude of the US.

The Guardian: Fidel Castro death: Donald Trump hopes for a free Cuba – as it happened

Not only for Americans but also Cuban people, the rise of Trump and the fall of Fidel will have a great impact. I hope it will be beneficial for them.

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