Monday, November 7, 2016

Emotional thinking in people with autism

We have to make a lot of decision in daily life. Some of them are easy to carry out, but others need deliberate thinking. Logical thinking leading to a rational conclusion is an essential skill for us both in personal and on business.

A piece of evidence suggests our emotions often have an inappropriate effect on our thought. Everyone has an experience of regretting an emotional choice done while angry or irritated. In upset condition, we tend to overestimate the potential loss. It causes us too coward to gain optimized profit.

Therefore, an emotionless person potentially can make wiser choices in an emergent situation. For example, people with autism are known to be blunt to their or other people’s emotion compared to ordinary people. They are indifferent to their heart beat even if their body sends a signal of emergency. They can monitor their physiological condition without being influenced by its flaming effect.

The Conversation: People with autism make more logical decisions

This finding suggests people with autism are invulnerable to frustrations. However, in real, they easily lose their temper when an unexpected thing occurs, on the contrary. People with autism are actually blunt to some kinds of stimulation. But at the same time, they are not accustomed to being disrupting by external situations. As a result, they sometimes act impulsively, in spite of their unemotional attitude in usual.

Emotion is one of the functions genetically installed in our body. Its origin is so old that we sometimes encounter a situation in which an emotional reaction is inappropriate in the modern society. Nonetheless, emotion is still a crucial part of the human mind. I am not sure why some people with autism are not perceptive to their and their neighbor’s emotion. Perhaps, it is a protection for their brain from a disastrous wave of emotion. The most important thing is to know yourself well, and controlling the balance in your mind.

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