Saturday, November 5, 2016

Donald Trump as a populist

The American Presidential vote is planned on November 8, 2016. Both candidates, Trump and Clinton, are eager to continue the campaign for enclosing voters as many as possible.

Trump lost a considerable amount of supporters because of his several comments which were deemed as politically incorrect. On the other hand, Clinton is threatened by the possibility that FBI will resume the investigation of an issue that she had been using official e-mail service for personal use. Currently, the media forecast the victory of Clinton, but her advantage is very vulnerable.

Very few people forecasted this situation. Donald Trump was considered to be just joking at the beginning of the Presidential vote. He had no experience of being involved in politics. And his statements sounded exciting, but far from realistic. It was a miracle that he was chosen to the nominee of Republican Party.

Who allowed Trump to stand the current post?

Dominant supporters of Trump are middle-classed white men. They dislike the elite, and tend to consider that they are suppressed by the conventional authority. Trump’s aggressive and honest sayings attracted them.

Trump attacks foreign people, members in Whitehouse, and other persons against him. He divides people into allies and foes. In addition, he attributes current suffering of the US to something other outside of the US. He and his supporters attack the opponents, which is not certain. I think it is nothing than populism.

The Conversation: Here’s what science says about populism, the rise of Donald Trump, and how to heal a fractured country

In an opportunity of choosing one from two such as the US presidency, it is a good way to get many votes to present an extreme ideology. It will attract public attention. And people can consider if they are for it or against it clearly. Sophisticated ideas and policy look better, but they hardly give us dreams. Enthusiastic and aggressive behaviors make us excited, to warp our sense to be biased.

Of course, some ideas of Trump sound valid. And also Clinton has many problems. I believe there are some more candidates in the US deserve to be the President other than the two giants. I am sympathetic to the US citizens to be forced to choose either Trump or Clinton.

The result of the vote is still unclear. Regardless of the winner, the US will become exclusive, as Clinton is against the TPP, needless to say about Trump. The status of the US in the international relationship will be changed soon after the election.

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