Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jigsaw puzzle

Recently, I bought a jigsaw puzzle for killing time.

I had only a couple of experiences of completing a jigsaw puzzle. I remember I achieved a puzzle composed of 400 pieces. It was a tough work in my memory. However, I am over 40-year-old. So, I decided to challenge a 1000 pieces puzzle. Ceaco Thomas Kinkade - Sunset on Lamplight Lane Puzzle (1000 Piece)

The picture printed on the pieces was drew by Thomas Kinkade. He created several works including Disney characters. I was fascinated in his beautiful drawing. Repairing his picture would be an exciting attempt, I convinced.

First, the frame should be completed.

After then, some specific pieces were fixed with ease.

But it was time-consuming to complete this work. It took over a week.

Finally, I got it!

Now, I am wondering how to treat this complete puzzle. I can stabilize the puzzle with a glue. But I have no space to display it in my room. I have to consider it.

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