Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Doubtful relationship between Trump and Putin

After sitting the next Presidential seat, Donald Trump has been announcing several perspectives. In the triumphal speech, he hesitated to mention discriminative policy against Mexicans and Islamic people, instead emphasizing the importance of economic issues. It attracted investors' mind, leading to the rapid recovery of the stock prices. More recently, however, Trump stated again that he would build a wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

It is quite unsure that how much Trump will realize his ambitions during his Presidential term. Some of them seem unfeasible, or even ridiculous. But they are supported by the hatred of many US citizens. If he withdraws current aggressive attitudes, he will lose the support of voters, though it will be correct for stabilized management of White House.

One of the concerned matter is the relationship with Russia. Trump says he like Vladimir Putin repeatedly.  But in fact, he has not set Putin directly, as he admitted.

There is a rumor that Trump asked Putin to leak the contents of Hillary's secret email before the Presidential vote. If it was true, Trump's request was quite problematic, as he relied on illegal activity in a foreign nation. If not, it is likely that Russia's hackers have considerable influence on the US politics. The former NATO chief warned Trump that, if he does not show the force to Russia, the US-led justice will be lost.

Independent: Donald Trump must show 'strength' against Russia before 'beginning of the end', warns former Nato head

Regarding the domestic policy, management of a nation resembles governance of a company. Accepting that Trump is an excellent businessperson, he will be good at improving the economic status of the US. On the other hand, diplomacy is more complicated than national politics. Putin has been taking a superior post to the US in terms of the world balance of power. If Trump underestimates Putin's talent,  he will receive a critical defeat.

Meanwhile, there seems no more calm around Kremlin.  Putin is planning to retire from the President of Russia in the next year, leading to conducting a snap election, according to a Russian newspaper. However, the article vanished soon after online publication.

International Business Times: Mystery over Kremlin insider interview claiming Vladimir Putin may quit in 2017

It is also uncertain until when Putin can maintain current dictating position. It will be very dramatic in 2017.

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