Sunday, November 13, 2016

Job training for patients with developmental disorders

Last weekend, I attended an academic conference regarding child psychiatry. In this meeting, I expected to listen to some leading specialists about developmental disorders. Because I am conducting a clinical research of developmental disorders, I have to improve my knowledge and skills in treating developmental disorders.

In this conference, several presentations about developmental disorders were held. Among them, I was attracted to a speaker who explained the importance of acquiring life skills for patients with developmental disorders to get a job and continue working.

The speaker claimed that the effect of social skills training was overestimated in Japan. It is useful for patients with schizophrenia. But people with developmental disorders are not good at acquiring proper social skills following each situation. Failures in social contacts are one of the criteria for the developmental disorder. Forcing patients with developmental disorders to improve their social skills is sometimes an excessive burden for them.

Instead, life skills are necessary for daily life both at home and in the community. Punctuality should be prioritized. Using some transportation and asking for help when you get lost are indispensable. These skills have to be acquired as soon as possible for everyone. Relying on others when troubled should not be hesitated.

These advice the presenter talked about were very rational and easy to understand. The speaker had lots of experience to deal with patients and guide businesspersons taking a role of training employees well. I have much learned about the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with developmental disorders.

After the conference, I visited a Buddhist temple near to the hotel. It was calm and solemn. I was satisfied to the journey.

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