Saturday, November 19, 2016

McDonald’s table service and the future

Fast-food services have been common in the modern society all over the world. Among them, hamburger and fried chicken are the widest subjects of casual and inexpensive service. We order a dish to the staff behind the bar, and take it to the seat we choose by ourselves. Such a routine behavior is going to be altered.

McDonald’s, the biggest fast-food franchise company in the US, is planning a table service in limited stores.

Independent: McDonald’s introduces table service across US

McDonald’s is also considering the introduction of electronic kiosk systems and mobile ordering. They will take a role to widen the opportunity for customers to select McDonald’s service according to each occasion.

Nowadays, there are many similar restaurants than McDonald’s in urban areas. Some fast-food restaurants offer a gorgeous food; others provide cheaper services. As McDonald’s has several competitors, it has to do an innovative service to attract customers again.

Table service can improve the personal satisfaction of some customers. At the same time, others may feel interrupted. As a result, limited consumers will accept the table service. It is clever that McDonald’s seem not to intent to introduce the table service to all stores.

However, I think McDonald’s will gain no more profit as a food providing service. We can eat limited food in a day. And there are enough restaurants at least at an urban area. McDonald’s would like to enhance its value other than offering a meal. Indeed, this table service is not considered to make profits.

In Japan, McDonald’s was recognized as a good Pokemon spot. After Pokemon Go had been released, some McDonald’s stores became crowded temporally. If McDonald’s has a role of the place people sharing some hobbies are willing to meet each other, it will be good both for the company and customers.

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